Waiting Christmas time

The year have gone so fast. The C-puppies have move they own home long time ago. They are living at Uurainen and Helsinki. Now we are waiting the Christmas holiday and time to go hunting.

Years ago taken picture father Paku with 3 of hes boys

Odotamme pentuja / We are expecting puppies

Akka odottaa pentuja.


Vaeltavan Tuulen Akka & Petitbas Glen Guinez.

Kummatkin vanhemmat ovat terveitä, silmätutkittuja, Poag vapaita näyttelyissä käyneitä terveitä koiria jotka toimivat hyvin metsällä. Pennut etsivät ensisijaisesti metsästäviä aktiivisia koteja.

Tulevien pentujen sukutaulu.


Summer is soon here

I have been busy. So the last update is now good to make.

We have been in the Tv making hunting dears brogram with Jahtikuksa. Here is the link to these.



We also have been make bloodtracking and Akka have getting better. Im planning to go to the test with Akka.

Tomppa have got a litter. We will go to see the puppies soon.

Vaeltavan Tuulen yearly hunting trip and other things

We have trip to Lempis owner home. Than you for you hospitality.

We have 3 dogs, Lempi, Mosse and Akka so not many dog owners have opportunity to come.

The dogs barg together dear. Nice trip.

Day before Antti shoot hare to the Lempi. We find next day Deer to hunt.

I was also day before at train session to Fasan hunting with
Small Münsterländer. I shot a Fasan to won of the dogs.

New Fin Ch Vaeltavan Tuulen Beretta

We have New Show chapion!

Congratulations to Anna and Stella!

Vaeltavan Tuulen Beretta ”Stella”

Dog show Pöytyä 04.05.2019

Owner Anna Sjöblom

Tuomari Göransson Arvi

Photos. A.S.

Vaeltavan Tuulen Beretta ”Stella”

Spring is coming, happy Eastern

Last update is a long ago.

Firts happy Eastern time to all of you.

Under some pictures

The hunting season went well. We made also hunting trip together with litters owners.


Have shown Mosses litters in the dog shows.

We have start the blood tracking training with the dogs already.

Photo. J.M.

Photo. J.M.